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Junior League Provisional’s Renovate Girls’ Haven Back Patio

by Junior League Provisional's Renovate GH Patio

Posted on February 3, 2022

Junior League Provisional’s Renovate Girls’ Haven Back Patio


Beaumont, TX- The Junior League Provisional’s take on a project every year to help better their community. This year, they chose to redo the Girls’ Haven back patio for their project. The idea was brought to the attention of the provisionals by a Girls’ Haven mentor, Lisa Bond, who had been wanting to give the girls a beautiful space to sit and relax outside. She asked the provisional’s to help get the items donated that had been curated by Carrie Zihlman on Amazon. 

The Junior League Provisional group created a booth at Main Street Market and continued to ask for donations of items and gift cards all the way through January 21st. They then put together all items and decorated the patio beautifully! 

Thanks to the Junior League Provisional Group, the Girls’ Haven residents finally have a fun patio area to unwind and relax.